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You can calculate currency cross rates here. It deals more than 100 currencies. Of course yen is available. When you have currency problem, check it.

Babelfish Translation
Unfotunately, many of japanese webpages don't have English version. So there is no way to understand them except using this sort of web sites. As you know, this is not perfect though it will help your understanding to some extent.

Yahoo Map(Japanese)
When you find webpages of shops, you must find the place next.
Copy(Japanese) the discreption which is likely the address of the shop, and paste it in to the blank... which is shown in the site (see below) then simply click the button appear on the right of the blank.

You can find the destination, if you are lucky (^^;

If you can not find the place, no way, I will guide you when I have time (^^)


TokyoYouth Hostel(English)
Accomodations might be the biggest head ache for travelers here. This might be one of the cheapest option. The location of it is exactly the center of Tokyo. and its cost is only 3500yen / night. It might be one of the perfect alternative for you.




If you want to have cheapest/fastest lunch in Japan, go to Yoshinoya. Of course there are still some cheaper alternatives. But it has very good balance of cost and and taste. Though the dish "Gyu-don (Beef Bowl)"which represents this restaurant is not available currently due to BSE trouble in USA, the substitute "Buta-don(Pork Bowl)" is available. The price of Pork Bowl varies into 3, according to the portion. Normal:330yen, Big:430yen, Special:530yen.

Ootoya(Japanese only)
"Teishoku" is quite ordinary style of set meal in this country. It generally contains main dish, a bowl of rice, miso soup and small dish. This chain-restaurants offer "teishoku" with good quality and reasonable price. The price range is from 600-850yen

Choshi-maru(Japanese only)
Generaly speaking, this sort of restaurant with sushi going around are cheap but their quarities arerelatively low. But this is different. I count this as one of restaurants with best quality dishes and reasonable price. The cost is around 5000yen for 2 people.
Unfortunately, this site and map are available only in Japanese. Most of their branches are in Chiba and Tokyo.

Zauo(Japanese only)
Regarding the taste, this is bad. This restaurant goes exactly against the principle of fish cuisine. So don't expect good taste. But if you seek fun, this might be a good alternative. This restaurant is surrounded by water tank with live fish. Breams, Flattfish, Mackerels, Lobsters order to eat them, you need to fish them. Don't worry. the best way to catch them is not fish them with baites but just hook them up......
Shinjuku branch
It is in the ground floor of Shijuku Washington Hotel, which is next to Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office Building

Shirokiya(Japanese only)
When Japanese people go for drink, they ordinary choose "Izakaya" Its a sort of bar-restaurant. They serve beer, wine, cocktails and sake with many dishes. The cost is relatively cheap. Shirokiya is the most prosperous izakaya-chain with the least price among many izakaya restaurants. The taste is very good considering its price. The ordinary cost is around 3000 yen /person.
They have many subsidiaries, so it is not difficult to find the restaurants around big stations.

Camera & Goods

Kakaku Com (Japanese only)
To buy camera, video camera, PC, and some other products, this web site might be the best way to get them at the least price. I usually save by 20~30 % of ordinary market price. (Japanese Only)
Not only the information about new DSLR camera, but special skills for taking and retouch,can be obtained here. Though this is available in Japanese language, you can just take a look at the photograph bulletin board



Tourism & Fishing

Marin Box(Japanese Only)
Surrounded by coral leaves and with affluent varieties of creatures, Okinawa is known for one of the best sea in the world especially among scuba divers.
Iriomote island is located at the most south-western part of Okinawa Yaeyama-islands. Actually, the half of the island is remain intact, covered by nothing but Jungle with out any roads in order to protect renowned prototype cat ; Iriomote-yamaneko.
This web site provides guides for varieties of fishing service.