Self introduction

(Portrait of my self)
Alias Zenigata
physique Height:172cm Weight:64kg
Educational background Master of Information System Management at University of Liverpool
Graduated from Shinsyu University in Japan
Occupation Information Security Engineer
Address Frankfurt, Germany
Skills & Certificationes <Language>
TOEIC : 900

<IT Certifications>

<Other Skills>
____Boat License for Cruising Outer Ocean (for international cruising)
____Scuba Diving Licence (PADI : Advanced, OpenWater)
____Legal advice

Hobby - Travelling <38 countries, excluding transit only visitting >
  [Europe] Austria, Belgium, Czech, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Monaco, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweeden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, Vatican,
  [Asia] Thailand, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Myammer, Laos, UAE, and Japan
  [Oceania] Australia,
  [Africa] Morocco, Egypt,

- Fishing
  -Lure fishing
  -Tenkara fishing (Japanese style fly fishing)

- Photograph

- Hiking (The highest peak I have ever climbed: Mt.Kitadake : 2nd highest mountain in Japan)

- Classic music

- Skiing Video-1 Video-2

- Swimming

- Scuba Diving

- Laud speaker building

My Car TOYOTA Hilux surf 3000cc diesel turbo SSR-G
Habits Non-smoker, Week-end drinker (Beer)
Favorite food Coffee, Beer, Japanese food, etc..
Strange food I've ever eaten Kangaroo(Australia) : Delicious! Similar to beef. but a little bitter. Available in Restaurant. Jerky is good also.
Grubs of Bee (Ina city Nagano Japan) : Famous dish in Japan. Not so good.
Locust (Matsumoto city Nagano Japan) : Famous dish in Japan. Not so good.
Cricket, Grass hopper, and others(Bangkok in Thailand) : Tasts of insects are alike. They taste like shrimp.
White ants(Australia) : No taste. An Aboriginal person forced me to eat. It was alive.
Crocodile(Australia) : Not good. I ate crocodile jerky.
Emu(Australia) : Emu jerky. Good.
Food dislikes Durian, Mountain potato,
Favorit things Hot springs, Local Beer

Smoke of cigarettes
Western stile toilet (gradually adjusting myself ....=P )

Favorit animal Lesser Panda, Cats, Dogs, Elephants
Ambition Millionaire !!

1:Self maid PC(Win7, Core2 Duo E8500 4GB RAM, RAID1), 2: laptop Sony Vaio

Camera 1:Canon EOS 6D, 2:Canon EOS Rebel-T, 3:Canon EOSD-30, 4:Nikon FM-2, 5:Sony cyber shot DSC F-505

I have appeared on TV ! (TV-Niigata)(^^y
I fished a Hirasuzuki(A kind of Sea Bass). It is called "Phantom fish" in Japan because of their scarcity.(^^y
I droved a yakuza to invite me a grilled beef dinner.(^^y

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