Yokohama Panoramic views 1

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The following pictures are made with special method. With panning camera, I took from 5 to 10 photographs. Then I stiched all of them into each of following panoramic photographs. So these photographs are comparable with those are taken with billion-pixel-photo-sensored camera. Although the size of following photos are one tenth of original photos, you will see how clear their details are.

Caution: The linked pages are very heavy. 300kb to 600 kb for each.

Viwes from Yokohama Landmark Tower
1600x600 pixel
470 kb
1242 x 600 pixel
280 kb
(EF 24mm)
1711x600 pixel
442 kb
1395 x 600 pixel
310 kb
(EF 24mm)
1829x600 pixel
538 kb
1349 x 600 pixel
341 kb
(EF 24mm)
1654 x 600 pixel
404 kb
(EF 24mm)
1462 x 600 pixel
344 kb
(EF 24mm)

A view from Ohsanbashi  
2871 x 600 pixel
364 kb

29,30 Dec. 2006, 15 Jan 2007 / Camera EOS Rebel-TN Lens Canon EF24mm F2.8

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