Shirouma mountain range

Shirouma mountain range is the best place to see flowers especially in the end of July. 
Many flowers names are  putted on "Shirouma"
It shows that there are so many kind of flowers in this area. 
The year I visited was a year of much snow, as if it were the sight of May.

Sun rise from Asahi-dake Dawn of Tsurugi-dake Dawn of meadow and Syakushi-dake Shirouma-Yarigatake Meadow and the Moon
Sight of Shiroumadake from the slope of Yarigatake Asahidake The south view from Yarigatake Mt.Syakushidake and Mt.Yarigatake from Shiroumadake Shirouma Ooike
Slope of Syakushidake Medow and flowers Suisyoudake

Mt.Syakushi and Yari in early winter Hakuba 3 mountains in early winter  

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