Summer begins in last days of June, and it lasts in September on this mountain.
Mt.Hachibuse is a small mountain filled with flowers.
Many flowers can be seen everywhere on this small mountain during summer.
With so many kinds of so many flowers,  you will feel as if you were in bunches of flowers.

These red flowers are called "Renge-tsustsuji".
They usually start blooming in the middle of June. The best days are from last of June till the beginning of July .
And the yellow flowers called "Nikkoukisuge" start blooming middle of July.
These yellow flowers cover up the mountain in the end of July.

If you have a chance to visit here, I recommend you to go "Nishi-Hachibuse", a lower west peak just 20 minutes walk from parking.
There will be few people and you hear nothing but songs of larks.
Many flowers will be on the both side of your path.
When you get to the end of the path , you will see whole mountain range of Northern Japan Alps  on the other side of the large valley.

little valley Renge-tsutsuji Nikkoukisuge Mt.Nishi-hachibuse Peak of Mt.Hachibuse

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